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Best Parrot drone

Which Parrot drones are best?

When many people think of drones, they think of aerial drones that fly in the sky. However, there are drones that operate on land and in water as well. These devices are much more than just toys or cool gear, as they can be a very valuable device to have for operating a business. Some of the tasks you can do with drones include security surveillance, mapping, aerial coverage, streaming, measuring landscapes and more. Parrot offers various types of drones that can be used in different environments besides the skies. 

If you’re looking for a drone that can be used as a quadcopter or plane, the Parrot Swing + Flypad is the top choice. 

What to know before you buy a Parrot drone


The weight of a drone is essential because the Federal Aviation Administration says that any drone weighing .55 pounds or more while being less than .55 pounds has to be registered with the FAA and have an identification number. The reason for this is that the FAA finds that drones that weigh .55 pounds or more can be a hazard if they crash. Fortunately for some Parrot drone models, they weigh less than .55 pounds, so they don’t need to be registered. The devices are also extremely light, so you can carry one or multiple at once. 


Similar to cars, if you’re buying a more expensive Parrot drone, try to make sure it's a popular model so if certain parts break down, you can find spare parts easily instead of having to buy an entirely new drone. Even if you never crash a drone, which is rare, minor bumps and wear and tear may cause specific parts of the mini drone to be ineffective. Some Parrot drones come with spare parts so you have backup pieces. 

Propeller blades

Propeller blades help determine the speed, stability and sound of a mini drone. Plastic propellers are more cost-friendly and are easier to replace. However, plastic propellers can be loud depending on the model, and they’re prone to damage. Propellers with high-end materials such as carbon fiber are of better quality but cost more than plastic. Depending on the Parrot drone model, the drone propellers may be plastic or high-end materials. High-end propellers often slice through the air more silently, making less noise, are much more durable and give the drone more power when lifting into the air. Also, consider the number of blades a mini drone has, as models with more than two blades have more lift than a regular two-blade model but are heavier. 

What to look for in a quality Parrot drone

Device range 

The range capability of a mini drone tends to correlate with the price, as the better quality the drone, the farther it flies. Toy mini drones can have a range from 20 to 100 yards, and common mini drones go from .25 to 1.5 miles. For longer distances, high-end drones can go as far as 2.5 to 4.5 miles. 

Flying/operation time

The operation time for Parrot drones can be from around 10 to 25 minutes, depending on the type of drone. If you don’t want to be stuck with having a short usage time for your drone, you can purchase extra batteries and put a charged one in when one dies. Some models may even come with extra batteries


Parrot drones may use a built-in camera with 360 pixels, 1080 pixels or 4K HD video capture resolution. Cheaper drones have 360p, midrange have 1080p and high-end models have 4K resolution and higher. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Parrot drone

Parrot drones can range from $50-$3,000, depending on whether you want to use these devices recreationally or professionally. Casual drones that can be used for fun and basic camera services range from $50-$200. In the $500-$3,000 range, there are Parrot drones that use high-end technology, such as thermal cameras, 4K HDR, strong wind resistance and more. 

Parrot drone FAQ

Does Parrot still make drones?

A. There’s speculation that Parrot stopped making drones, but that isn’t the case. The manufacturer is just focusing on producing better-quality and more professional drones. Miniature and toy drones will slowly become less common to find online, but the drones that Parrot makes now are of great quality and use some of the latest technology that you find in modern drones. 

Can you fly a drone at night? 

A. Flying a mini drone at night is allowed only if it has the proper lighting. The FAA states that the drone has to be visible within a 3-mile radius, and it must have a flash feature with a flash rate that’s sufficient to avoid a collision. Unless it’s for a job, it’s best just to fly a mini drone when there’s daylight. 

What’s the best Parrot drone to buy?

Top Parrot drone

Parrot Swing + Flypad

What you need to know: Using a unique X-shaped design, this drone can perform cool tricks such as barrel rolls, 180-degree turns and more. 

What you’ll love: The four-wing design allows the drone to be used as a quadcopter, or as a two-winged plane for more speed and agility. The included flypad can make your phone capable of controlling the drone remotely. 

What you should consider: The software can be occasionally glitchy. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Parrot drone for the money

Parrot Hydrofoil MiniDrone Orak

What you need to know: Take control of the air and water with the Hydrofoil mini drone, capable of recording film in water or in the sky. 

What you’ll love: The drone can float effortlessly on water while being stable so you can get great coverage of what’s going on around the body of water. The device can be controlled with your smartphone by using the app. 

What you should consider: The drone isn’t fully waterproof. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Parrot Jumping Night MiniDrone

What you need to know: Aerial drones can have difficulty maneuvering in indoor facilities, which is why this mini drone can be perfect for indoor surveillance. 

What you’ll love: The drone can jump 2.5 feet in the air, allowing it to hop over steps and other obstacles. There’s a microphone and speaker that record and emit audio for you. 

What you should consider: This drone can’t fly. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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