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Best Syma drone

Which Syma drone is best?

Syma is one of the few drone makers with its own designing and manufacturing facilities. So whether you're looking for a mini drone to fly around the house or a larger model for high-quality productions, there should be a model for you, often at a fraction of the price of those offered by market leader DJI. An excellent choice for an all-around great drone is the Syma EX500 4K Drone With UHD Camera.

What to know before you buy a Syma drone

Video recording capabilities

Most people fly drones because they want to capture photos or videos from angles few have attempted. The key to taking the perfect shot is having an excellent camera on the drone. But not all Syma drone cameras are the same, and you must be careful when picking one.

Consider what type of photography or video recording you want to do. If it's for personal use, a 720p camera is perfect. However, if you want to sell your recordings, look for a 4K camera.

Limited range

All drones, not just Syma's, have a limited operational range. That’s because the transmitters only function over a certain distance. But the limit to that distance increases exponentially as the transmitter’s signal is strengthened. Typically, smaller drones can fly about 300 feet in any direction from you, but more powerful ones can easily breach the 1,000-foot mark.

Registration with FAA

Depending on state laws and where you fly, you might be required to register your drone with the Federal Aviation Administration if you use it for commercial purposes. If your flying is purely recreational, there are still rules that you must follow.

  • Keep your eye on it: You must keep your drone within the visual line of sight at all times. 
  • Yield: You must give way to, or not interfere with, manned aircraft.
  • Stay low: Fly at or below 400 feet.
  • Take the test: Where possible, take The Recreational UAS Safety Test, known as TRUST, and carry proof of the test with you.

What to look for in a quality Syma drone

Battery life and flying time

One of the most frustrating things about flying a drone is what's often an extremely short battery life. Generally, smaller drones have a flying time of fewer than 10 minutes, as the batteries are relatively heavy. However, some larger Syma drones have two built-in rechargeable batteries that can get you a combined flying time of just under an hour.

Storage capacity 

Internal storage isn’t something potential drone pilots usually think about, but it's critical if you want to back up or store your footage. Most Syma drones can transmit photos and video to a paired mobile device, but a good-quality Syma drone has a memory card slot for additional storage. The maximum capacity depends on the drone model, but it’s typically around 64 gigabytes. That is more than enough for a high-quality 4K video.

Additional flying features

Flying a drone in circles around a subject or shooting into the air for an aerial photo might seem like the only function you need, but there are many other additional aspects to make it easier. A good-quality Syma drone has several Return To Home settings when out of range or the battery is running low, GPS tracking, drawing a custom flight path or altitude monitoring for smooth flying.  

How much you can expect to spend on a Syma drone

The average price of a Syma drone depends on its technology and size. A mini drone with a 720p camera retails for $50-$70, while a powerful drone with an hour’s flying time and a 4K camera sells for $200-$350.

Syma drone FAQ

Where is Syma based?

A. Just like its competitor DJI, Syma operates from Shantou City in the Guangdong area of China. It makes remotely controlled devices that include GPS drones, folding drones, boats and helicopters.

Why do drones have poor battery life?

A. As with any technology, the more internal components and functions, the more battery power is needed. Rechargeable batteries are relatively heavy, and the drone must be able to lift them. Additionally, components such as a 4K camera, GPS tracking and image transmission all sap power quickly.

What’s the best Syma drone to buy?

Top Syma drone

Syma EX500 4K Drone With UHD Camera

What you need to know: It might not have the best Syma technology, but the X500 is the best overall drone for aerial photography and getting close to the action.

What you’ll love: The EX500 comes with two batteries to give you a flying time of 55 minutes. Since it weighs less than 10 ounces, you don’t need to register your flying with the FAA, even though the transmitter has a maximum altitude of 10,000 feet. Its 4K camera can tilt 90 degrees vertically, and it can find its way home with built-in GPS technology. 

What you should consider: You’ll never reach the 10,000-foot transmitter limit as the drone can only fly safely at a maximum altitude of 328 feet, or 1,148 feet in terrestrial distance. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Syma drone for the money

Syma X400 Mini Drone With Camera

What you need to know: Perfect for kids or young adults, this drone has a 720p forward-facing camera and a first-person view flying mode.

What you’ll love: You can make it take off and land by pressing one button, so it's easy to operate. Its small size lets you get close to the action without being an obstruction, and it can perform 360-degree stunt flips.

What you should consider: Due to its smaller size and battery, you’ll only get about six or seven minutes of flying time.  

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Syma X650 GPS Drone With 4K Camera

What you need to know: This is excellent if you want to fly high and for long periods to capture the perfect view.

What you’ll love: With two rechargeable batteries, its total flight time is almost an hour. The front-facing adjustable camera tilts 90 degrees vertically and has a 120-degree field of view. For recording videos, it has a 4K sensor with electric image stabilization. It has a transmitter range of 437 yards.

What you should consider: It stores higher-resolution videos and photos on an internal memory card, but low-resolution photos are sent to a mobile device.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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