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DJI Air 2S Drone review

DJI Air 2S drone review

Flying a drone is a fun way to document your adventures. However, you don’t want the camera to detract from your experience. The best camera drone must be able to capture excellent footage while also being easy to pilot.

DJI claims to have the answer with the DJI Air 2S. This camera drone has built-in intelligent technology that lets you capture the moment with cinematic-level quality, according to the company. 

We tested the DJI Air 2S to see if this camera drone really lived up to the manufacturer’s claims, and this is what we found.

Testing the DJI Air 2S drone  

Our tester was a first-time drone pilot. They are an avid social media poster who has extensive experience using a DSLR camera. They are also adept at taking photos and shooting video on an iPhone, as well as using a variety of editing software to create reels and IG stories.

Our tester needed a drone that was easy for a beginner to operate, but could also capture picturesque footage. They wanted one that would be able to track their action as they were snowboarding down a mountain or going on a bike ride. It was also important that the DJI drone could zoom in and out without losing focus or quality.

What is the DJI Air 2S drone?

The DJI Air 2S drone is an unmanned quadcopter. This means the pilot operates the craft remotely, and the drone has four rotors for increased stability and maneuverability. The Air 2S also has a built-in high-end camera with an impressive sensor that lets the user capture beautiful, high-definition images and video. It weighs just 21 ounces, making it portable enough to serve active outdoor-content creators.

How to use the DJI Air 2S drone 

Register your quadcopter

Before taking your camera drone out for its first flight, you must register it with the Federal Aviation Administration. You also need to pass a Recreational Safety UAS Test and get a certificate of completion. In addition, you must familiarize yourself with some rules, such as where you can and cannot fly, as well as how high and far you can go.  

Read the manual before piloting

Once you have dispensed with all the legal stuff, you will want to read through the owner’s manual, watch videos and practice in a safe area before flying the drone in a real-world situation. The DJI Air 2S is a high-tech gadget. It has many important safety features that a beginning pilot will want to enable to prevent the drone from getting damaged or lost.

How the DJI Air 2S drone works

The DJI Air 2S has four rotors that give the pilot precise control. After charging and setting it up per the instructions, you use a handheld remote (that requires a smartphone) to control the drone. Since piloting a drone can be difficult and frustrating, especially for a beginner, it’s important to take advantage of the automated features outlined in the owner’s manual. Once in the air, the drone can take pictures and record video for approximately 30 minutes.

Key features of the DJI Air 2S drone 

Focus Track

The Focus Track feature locks the camera onto a subject. This lets you keep any target in frame, no matter where it goes. This is useful if you want to film yourself or someone else who is engaged in an activity.

Obstacle Sensing

The Obstacle Sensing feature works with the Focus Track to keep the Air 2S from colliding with any objects while tracking a subject. The sensing capabilities keep the drone safe from the environment in four directions: up, down, forward and backward.


MasterShots is a step above Focus Track. This feature moves the DJI camera drone to different positions while remaining locked on a target. This lets the pilot capture dynamic footage from a variety of angles and distances so they get a cinematic effect with minimal effort.

ADS-B AirSense

For an additional layer of safety, the DJI Air 2S tracks broadcast flight information from nearby helicopters and airplanes. It positions these aircraft on a map and alerts the drone pilot through audio and visual means to avoid conflicts.

DJI Air 2S drone price

The DJI Air 2S quadcopter costs $999.

Where is the DJI Air 2S Drone sold?

You can buy this DJI drone on Amazon.

DJI Air 2S drone benefits

One of the best features this drone has is its ability to fly back home automatically. If the drone drops the remote signal, you won’t lose this expensive piece of gear. The quadcopter is also fun to fly. It can travel at a peak speed of approximately 42 mph, and the video and picture quality are excellent. It also helps that the DJI Air 2S is fairly portable — it is comparable to carrying a DSLR camera with extra lenses.

DJI Air 2S drone drawbacks

This is not a toy. It is a high-end drone that captures the cinematic footage you desire. For many people, the biggest drawback, then, will be the price. Additionally, the Air 2S has many advanced features that won’t be immediately accessible to the beginner. However, this isn’t too bad because it gives you room to learn and grow. That said, you will want to progress slowly through the user’s manual — reading important sections more than once — to make sure you miss nothing. Also, like other drones, battery life is limited. To get the best experience, we recommend getting a second battery.

Should you get the DJI Air 2S drone?

If you spend time in the great outdoors, either enjoying the scenery or pursuing adventure, and you have a budget that lets you purchase a high-end drone, the DJI Air 2S is a device you will appreciate and value. For example, this would be perfect for someone who enjoys snowboarding, kayaking, biking, hiking or just traveling in general. If this sounds like you, purchasing this drone can be a wise investment that will give you a plethora of tangible memories that you can share with family, friends and followers.


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