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Best kids' Bluetooth speaker

There are countless Bluetooth speakers available, but not all of them are suitable or even appealing for children. Some Bluetooth speakers are specifically designed to be fun for kids and many are very affordable, so everyone in the family can have one.

Our top pick, the My Audio Pet Mini Bluetooth Animal Speaker, has cute animal designs for kids. It’s also easily portable and features a built-in camera.

What to know before you buy a kids' Bluetooth speaker

Child’s age

Depending on the age of a child, a Bluetooth speaker may need to be extra-durable or feature simple controls. Older children may be fine with a normal Bluetooth speaker, especially if they’re comfortable with technology. 

Volume limit

Different speakers have varying maximum volume limits. Consider how loud you want the audio to be. Note that if a speaker is connected to a Bluetooth-enabled device, you can usually manage the sound levels from that device. To protect younger kids’ ears, be sure that a speaker is playing music or any other audio at a safe volume.

Device pairing 

If you plan to use the speaker to stream audio online, you need a Wi-Fi-enabled speaker. If the music or audio is being played from another device (like a phone or tablet) that’s connected to your speaker, you need a speaker with a Bluetooth connection. If you store music files on a physical storage device like a microSD card, be sure that your speaker is able to access those files. 

What to look for in a quality kids' Bluetooth speaker


Both the speaker itself and any charging cables should be durable enough for a kid to use without breaking. High-quality speakers have water resistance and hold up to rough handling. If durability is a concern, be sure that replacement cables or other parts are an option before selecting a given speaker.


Some Bluetooth speakers have to be controlled via the paired device, while others have manual controls on the speaker. High-end models may have voice controls for extra convenience. However, be sure that children know how to safely use any smart speakers that operate with voice control. Alexa and Google Assistant products have parental control features that are important for protecting young users.

Additional functions

Bluetooth speakers can do more than play sounds. The best options have cameras, lights, companion apps or other useful functions. When shopping for a speaker, consider what extra features would be useful to the child who’ll be using it.

How much you can expect to spend on a kids' Bluetooth speaker 

Decent Bluetooth speakers for kids can be found for under $30. Higher-quality speakers for kids can cost closer to $50.

Bluetooth speaker FAQ

Can you extend the battery life of a wireless speaker?

A. Bluetooth speakers for kids are usually designed to be easily transported, but compact designs can result in lower battery life. One option is to always keep it plugged in unless it needs to be moved, or you could bring a USB power bank for the device if your child wants to bring it on a trip. 

Can a Bluetooth speaker play sound without a wireless connection?

A. Usually, if you have a headphone jack to connect a device to a speaker, you don’t necessarily need to use a Bluetooth function. Many devices nowadays are Bluetooth-enabled, but nonBluetooth devices can still be used with a speaker. If a child has difficulty connecting their device via Bluetooth, they might find it easier to plug it in.

What’s the best kids' Bluetooth speaker to buy?

Top kids' Bluetooth speaker

My Audio Pet Mini Bluetooth Animal Speaker

What you need to know: These affordable, animal-themed speakers have good sound and cute designs appealing to any child who loves animals.

What you’ll love: There are 14 different animal designs. They’re only a little bigger than a golf ball, so they aren’t hard for children to pick up and carry. There’s a companion app that allows kids to play games with the speaker and use the speaker’s camera to take photos. 

What you should consider: The rechargeable battery only provides 3 hours of wireless playback before it needs to be plugged in. Older generations of iPod Nano products may have difficulty connecting to the device.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top kids' Bluetooth speaker for the money

Bitty Boomers Star Wars The Mandalorian Bluetooth Speaker

What you need to know: These very affordable, “Star Wars” character-themed Bluetooth speakers are easily portable and perfect for a “Star Wars” fan.

What you’ll love: There are six designs available featuring iconic “Star Wars” characters like Darth Vader, Chewbacca, the Child (Grogu) and more. Two of these speakers can connect to each other and your device to create a wireless stereo sound experience. It has 30 feet of connection range and is very compact, standing at only a few inches tall.

What you should consider: The built-in battery only lasts about 4 hours before it needs to be charged, but a USB cable is included. Some customers have found that their speakers have sound issues, or they even have trouble turning them on for the first time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

S Svuencio Variable Color Night-Light Bluetooth Speaker

What you need to know: These streamlined speakers double as a nightlight with adjustable color themes for anyone in need of a Bluetooth speaker and a bedroom lamp. 

What you’ll love: There are three lighting modes and six colors that can cycle and change to the rhythm of the music played. The battery provides up to 6 hours of lighting and sound and it can be plugged in for longer periods of use or charging. The device has physical buttons for controlling the audio or the brightness of the nightlight. It can play calming music to help children fall asleep with peaceful sounds and warm lighting.

What you should consider: The included charger plug is not very durable, and some customers have had issues with charging the device. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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