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How to score a pair of Sonos Era 100 speakers for nearly $90 off

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Upgrade your speakers to Sonos for the ultimate audio experience

If you love movies, a good home theater system is a must. The right speaker setup can take your viewing experience at home from average to spectacular. And if you've been looking for the right time to venture into the (expensive, addicting) world of home theater speakers, now might just be it. Sonos — one of the most popular brands for incredibly high-quality speakers in both entry-level and hobbyist setups — is having an amazing sale, featuring deep discounts on some of its bestselling speakers.

One of these deals in particular is a steal and requires getting a two-pack of speakers, which means setting up a whole home theater in one go. It's worth the investment, though — especially if you want to experience movie-theater sound quality in your pajamas, with your favorite blanket and from your own couch.

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Get this pair of Sonos speakers for 18% off

Sonos Era 100 Wireless Speaker (2-Pack)

This two-pack of Sonos Era 100 speakers is on sale through Feb. 29 (or while supplies last). These smart speakers feature Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity plus voice command compatibility, so you can stream any audio, anywhere. You can play different things on each speaker, or group them to listen throughout your home or with a wider soundstage in one room. Even with their compact design, they offer deep bass, crisp high notes and clear sound. For the rest of this month, you can save 18% — around $90 — on a set of two from Woot (currently $409.99).

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Sonos Move

The Sonos Move is a powerful, portable speaker that, like the name implies, can move with you. Use it to stream music, radio, audiobooks and more. Move it from room to room as needed or even outdoors, thanks to its weather-resistant design and wireless capabilities with a rechargeable battery.

Sonos Indoor/Outdoor Set

This set includes one Move speaker and one Era 100 speaker, both of which are Bluetooth- and Wi-Fi-enabled to allow you to stream music, podcasts, audiobooks and more at home or on the go. You can play different things on each speaker, or group them for a more powerful listening experience. Both speakers respond to voice commands for convenient control of your audio.

Sonos Portable Set

The Portable Set includes one Move 2 speaker and one Roam speaker. These are both powerful, durable, portable smart speakers that you can use at home (in different rooms or grouped together for a fuller, more robust sound) or on the go. Move 2 is designed for outdoor entertaining, while the Roam is waterproof and great for adventuring. 

Sonos HiFi Set

This set includes two Five Premium Speakers, which can be placed in separate rooms or used as a theater system for left and right channel separation. You can use them with devices, such as TVs and turntables, or stream audio directly to them.

Sonos Essential Turntable Set

The Essential Turntable Set includes a Pro-Ject T1 Phono SB Turntable, an Era 100 smart speaker and a Sonos Line-In Adapter to connect them, promising deep, detailed sound for your vinyl collection. The Era 100 speaker is also versatile on its own and can be used to stream digital media.

Sonos 2 Room Set with Arc

This set includes one Move 2 speaker and a Sonos Arc, which is a premium smart sound bar. This set is everything you need to build an impressive home theater setup that's flexible enough for multiroom listening — you can even take the Move 2 speaker outdoors for entertaining.

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