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Here are all the Dyson Memorial Day deals

Dyson products just became more affordable for a limited time


Dyson is an innovator. One of the company's newest products is a set of headphones that doubles as a personal air purifier. While reviewers may be split on this particular tech, most items that Dyson releases are highly desirable because they perform so well.

Arguably, one reason more people don't have a Dyson in their homes is the prohibitive cost. However, for the next two weeks, you can purchase your Dyson dream products at deep discounts during the Dyson Memorial Day sales event.

What you need to know about the Dyson

Like Apple, Dyson isn't known for its low prices. Right now, however, the company is holding a massive sales event with some popular vacuums being marked down as much as $250. You can also get selected Dyson air purifiers on sale during this limited event as well. The sale runs now through June 3.

Top Dyson deals you can get right now

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute ($200 off)
This is one of the company's most powerful and versatile stick vacuums. It gives you up to 60 minutes of runtime while also increasing suction power. The vacuum only weighs 5.7 pounds, and it comes with 10 tools and accessories.
Sold by Dyson

Dyson Ball Animal 3 Extra ($100 off)
If you have a pet, this Dyson is for you. It's specifically designed to pick up long hair and pet hair without tangle or wrap issues. It rides on a ball, so it features effortless steering and comes with a variety of useful accessories, such as the pet groom tool and the tangle-free turbine tool.
Sold by Dyson

Dyson Purifier Cool ($120 off)
Dyson’s revolutionary air purifier not only cleans the air but also cools it as well. The unit can oscillate up to 350 degrees and be controlled directly from the device, by using an app or your voice. The filters are easy to remove, and the vacuum even tells you when it's time to swap them out.
Sold by Dyson

Dyson Outsize+ ($250 off)
Bigger is better. This Dyson requires less emptying, offers 120 minutes of runtime and is tough enough to keep homes with pets clean. It's effective on nearly any surface and features three cleaning modes to customize performance to the task at hand.
Sold by Dyson

Dyson Pure Hot+Cold ($120 off)
This compact unit goes above and beyond. It keeps your in-home air fresh and can keep it cool or warm it up as well, allowing you to love where you live even more. The device is powerful enough to handle an entire room, it's easy to clean and can operate with a remote.
Sold by Dyson

Other Dyson deals

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