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How to make the most out of your laundry room

While it’s a well-known saying that the kitchen is the heart of the home, the laundry room is equally as important. Many people use the space daily, and it often doubles as a mudroom, linen storage, an area to treat tough stains, a pet washing station — the list goes on. The laundry room is much more than just dirty clothes.

However, in order to take advantage of your laundry room, it must first be functional. No one wants to spend time in a cluttered, uninviting or poorly designed room. Regardless of whether your space is big or small, here’s how to make the most out of your laundry room.

Why you need to have a functional laundry room

It’s true that the laundry room isn’t the most exhilarating space in the house. It’s not where you share laughter and food with friends or have a memorable family movie night. But, it doesn’t have to be a disorganized, mundane room. There are multiple benefits to having a functional laundry room. 

  1. Efficiency: With a properly functioning laundry room, all the chores in your entire home will run more efficiently. For instance, if you have a laundry sorter in the room, you’ll no longer have to pick up dirty clothes when you’re cleaning the bathroom or bedrooms.
  2. Improve the flow in your entire home: It’s amazing how often you use a laundry room when it’s functioning properly. Instead of drying towels outside or in the bathroom, you can use the drying rack in the laundry room. As soon as the kids come in with a stain on their clothes, send them straight to the laundry room so you can apply stain remover and wash it out in your utility sink. As a result, your home will be tidier and other rooms will be freed up to tackle other tasks.
  3. Aesthetically pleasing: Making the most out of your laundry room also makes it prettier to look at, and you’ll be more likely to wash or fold clothes if the room looks beautiful.

How to make the most out of your laundry room

Consider your needs

Before doing anything, make a list of all the tasks you’d like to accomplish in your laundry room or the purposes for your laundry room, and rank them in order of importance. Laundry rooms are also known as utility rooms because they function in multiple ways. For instance, do you need a sink to treat stains or a drying rack to hang wet clothes? Depending on where your laundry room is located, does it also serve as a mudroom or pantry and need space for shoes or storage for canned goods?

Think about space

Now that you have a list of all the purposes you’d like your laundry room to serve, you need to consider your space. If you have a smaller room, you may want to opt for a stackable washer and dryer or add a countertop over your front-loading washer and dryer for extra space. Custom cabinetry might be needed for oddly shaped areas. Also, do you want fixed cabinets, laundry sorters, and drying racks, or do you want to move things around or redecorate the laundry room next year?

Add important elements

  • Storage: The most crucial element to make the most out of your laundry room is storage. You can hide away just about anything in your laundry room with the right storage, such as towels and bed sheets, pantry items, backpacks, and more. Think out of the box when adding storage. For instance, add cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling for lesser-used items, or add a pedestal for storage underneath your washer and dryer. If you don’t want to worry about keeping everything organized, make sure to add closed-door storage.
  • Utility sink: If you have enough space, a utility sink is a must-have item to make the most of any laundry room. From washing off muddy shoes to bathing pets to cleaning delicates, a utility sink keeps the mess out of other areas in your home.
  • Drying rack: To eliminate drying clothes in the bathroom or over doorknobs, consider a drying rack or clothing rod to help the washing process run more efficiently. You can also use it for freshly ironed clothes to keep them neat.
  • Laundry sorter: Whether you create a dedicated space for hidden hampers or add a portable hamper, having multiple sections is a must. It streamlines the process so you no longer have to worry about sorting the laundry.
  • Work space: From folding a load of laundry as soon as it comes out of the dryer to ironing dress clothes, another important element to make the most out of your laundry room is a work space. You can add counter space or a fold-out ironing board.
  • Trash can: Not many people think about adding a trash can to their laundry room, but it helps you from running to the kitchen or closest bin every time you clean the lint trap or finish off a bottle of detergent.


Q. Do you need to clean the inside of your washing machine?

A. While the frequency of cleaning varies depending on who you talk to — from once a week to twice a year — all professionals agree that you need to clean the inside of your washing machine. Even though you’re running soap through a washer when you do a load of laundry, that’s not actually keeping your washer clean. To prevent moldy smells and mildew buildup, it’s essential to clean your washing machine regularly.

Q. Where’s the best place in a house to have a laundry room?

A. Basements used to be the most common area in your house to have a laundry room, but most modern laundry rooms are now located on the main floor. If you don’t want to haul baskets of clothes up and down stairs, the best place for a laundry room is closest to the bedrooms since that’s where all the dirty clothes collect.

Q. Is it cheaper to have a laundry room at home or go to a laundromat?

A. Washing and drying a load of laundry at the laundromat is about three times more expensive than doing it in your home laundry room. You also need to add gas or transportation costs to get to a laundromat, not to mention the convenience factor. However, buying a washer and dryer is an initial upfront investment, and it will take many loads of laundry to recoup those costs.  

Laundry room accessories

Whitmor Commercial Rolling Laundry Center

Small changes can make a big difference in the functionality of a laundry room. This laundry center features a machine-washable, three-section fabric hamper, and a hanging bar for drying or organization. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about the cart denting or scratching your wall, thanks to the bumpers. 

Sold by Amazon

LG 27-Inch Black Steel WashTower Laundry Center

If you have a small laundry room, consider a stackable washer and dryer. Both the washer and dryer have an ultra-large capacity to wash more clothes in less time while taking up minimal floor space. This set also has built-in intelligence for customized cycles, has powerful jet sprays to penetrate fabrics deeper, and is compatible with the ThinQ app to control your laundry with a smartphone. 

Sold by Home Depot

Samsung 14.2-Inch White Laundry Pedestal with Storage Drawer

Storage is one of the most important aspects of a laundry room, and a pedestal for your front-loading washer and dryer is a handy way to add storage with no effort. Not only does the drawer hold up to 26 pounds of laundry supplies, it also elevates your machines for more effortless loading and unloading. 

Sold by Home Depot

Anchor Hocking 1-Gallon Heritage Hill Glass Jar with Lid

The best way to work with limited storage space is to leave supplies out in the open. Consider these chic glass jars if you’re concerned about a cluttered look. They can hold anything, including powdered detergent, detergent pods, scent-boosting beads, and more. As a bonus, they’re BPA-free, made in the USA, and dishwasher-safe. 

Sold by Amazon

Earth Breeze Laundry Detergent Sheets

You can cut down on unsightly, bulky plastic containers with laundry detergent sheets and save space in your laundry room for other necessities. Since they’re hypoallergenic, bleach-free, and paraben-free, they’re suitable for sensitive skin. Plus, you can feel great knowing you’re reducing your carbon footprint. 

Sold by Amazon

Sauder Select Storage Cabinet

Whether your laundry room serves a dual purpose or you’re looking for additional storage, this cabinet is the perfect solution. It is over 71 inches tall and features four adjustable shelves to store laundry supplies, linens, and more. You don’t need to worry about keeping everything organized since you can just close the beautifully designed doors. 

Sold by Amazon


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