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Best fuzzy bean bag chair

Which fuzzy bean bag chairs are best?

Bean bag chairs were extremely popular in the '70s. While they may have lost favor in the '80s and '90s, they have made a strong comeback in the last decade. These days, bean bag chairs can be a fashionable addition to any space, as evidenced by the attractive Greyleigh Teen Large Classic Bean Bag, which comes in several soft colors and has a plush faux fur cover. Bean bag chairs are available with covers made from many types of material, but few can match the coziness of fuzzy models.

What to know before you buy a fuzzy bean bag chair


Bean bag chairs come in both adult and children options. Adult models should be at least 3 feet in diameter, with some measuring as much as 6 feet. Larger models tend to feel more plush and give you more room to stretch out. Kids bean bag chairs often measure between 2-3 feet in diameter. They also have a lower weight capacity, with many topping out at just 100 pounds.


Bean bag chairs can differ in design. The classic design that has been around for decades is a simple round, sometimes semi-flat chair. To make bean bag chairs more comfortable and supportive, some manufacturers have added a backrest to some of their models. There are also long bean bag loungers that are designed to replicate sofas and give you plenty of room to lie down.


Manufacturers have experimented with many types of filling throughout the years with varying degrees of success. Most people who have ever sat in one are familiar with expanded polystyrene beads. These are the small Styrofoam-like pellets that often spill out of low-quality bean bag chairs. They are commonly used because they are cheap, but they tend to flatten out with time. 

These days, there are more and more bean bag chairs available with memory foam or similar filling. Many people find these to be more plush and to offer a bit more support and structure than expanded polystyrene bead-filled models. They also retain their loft well and recover from compression quickly. As a bonus, memory foam pieces are less likely to spill out seams and make a mess.

Expanded polypropylene beads are another type of filling. It is more durable than expanded polystyrene beads and recovers from compression quicker. This is because the material is notably denser. Unfortunately, this also makes it more expensive so the majority of manufacturers don't use it.

Features to look for in a quality fuzzy bean bag chair

Removable cover

Bean bag chairs with removable covers have their filling inside of a separate liner. This is helpful for a couple of reasons. Covers are easier to clean when they are removable, especially machine-washable ones. Also, having the filling in a separate interior sack means there's less chance of making a mess if the exterior cover is ever punctured. 

Nonslip bottom

Depending on the type of floor you'll be placing your bean bag chair on top of, it may tend to slide around. This is notably an issue on hardwood and tile floors, but less so on the carpet. If you'll be placing your bean chair on one of these hard flooring types, it is best to look for one that features a nonslip bottom.

Childproof zipper

While rare, there have been deaths associated with children unzipping and crawling inside of a bean bag and suffocating or asphyxiating on the foam pellets some are filled with. If you have kids in the home, even if you don't plan on putting the chair in their room, it is recommended to only purchase models with childproof zippers. These require a small tool or paper clip to open the zipper and access the interior.

Reinforced stitching

One of the biggest issues with bean bag chairs in the past was the seams splitting, resulting in pellets spilling out and making a mess. While that is less of an issue these days, it still makes sense to opt for a model with reinforced stitching.


Though not common, some fuzzy bean bag chairs feature a handle. This makes them easier to pick up and move around the home as needed.

How much can you expect to spend on a fuzzy bean bag chair

Most kids' fuzzy bean bag chairs cost between $50-$100. Adult and teen models often cost between $100-$200. 

Fuzzy bean bag chair FAQ

How do I unstick a stuck zipper on a bean bag chair?

A. Sticking zippers is a common problem on bean bag chairs. Thankfully, they can usually easily be fixed by putting a few drops of oil, WD-40 or petroleum jelly on the zipper and then wiggling it back and forth a little bit.

Is it OK for pets to use bean bag chairs?

A. Bean bags chairs are not ideal for pets. The lack of structure makes it likely their claws may puncture the cover material when they try walking on them. That said, if you have a small dog or one with nails that are trimmed regularly, this may be less of an issue.

What are the best fuzzy bean bag chairs to buy?

Top fuzzy bean bag chair

Greyleigh Teen Large Classic Bean Bag

What you need to know: This plush bean bag chair makes a fashionable addition to any space and is large enough for both teens and adults to lounge comfortably.

What you'll love: Its memory foamlike filling retains its loft well through plenty of use. Also, it comes in multiple neutral colors that are easy to match with other decor.

What you should consider: The cover is not machine washable.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

Top fuzzy bean bag chair for the money

Delta Children Cozee Fluffy Chair

What you need to know: A cute bean bag chair with a supportive backrest, this one is an ideal option for reading books and gaming.

What you'll love: It has a childproof zipper so you don't have to worry about kids opening it and making a mess with the filling or it becoming a hazard. The cover is removable and machine washable too, which makes for easy care.

What you should consider: It is only suitable for children weighing less than 100 pounds.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Big Joe Milano Shag Bean Bag Chair

What you need to know: A cozy bean bag chair that comes from a company focused on sustainability, you can feel good about putting this one in your home.

What you'll love: The Milano comes in kids and adult models so you and your mini-me can relax in matching seats. Plus, the company sells refill bags, so if you ever feel like the filling has compressed too much, you can restore it to just like new.

What you should consider: The fur tends to shed.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Wayfair

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