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The best reading chair for your home library

Which reading chairs for your home library are best?

No home library is complete without a cozy place to read. Picking just the right chair will ensure you have a favorite spot to return to again and again. Whether you like to curl up in an ultra-soft chair or get extra back support, finding a reading chair you’ll be comfortable in for extended amounts of time is key. 

A more traditional model, like the Great Deal Furniture Wingback Button-Tufted Fabric Accent Chair, can add an elegant, useful accent piece to your home library. 

What to know before you buy a reading chair


Before you start shopping for your reading chair, pick out a perfect spot in your home library. Measure the intended space to figure out what size chair will comfortably fit. In addition to taking the length and width, don’t forget to measure for height. Remember to take other items in the room into account, such as art on the walls or a window you don’t want to be blocked by a high chair. Also, decide if you need any further space for a lamp, side table or book cart near the place you plan on keeping your reading chair. 


The cushioning on your chair is essential in determining the level of comfort you can expect while you read. While it may seem obvious that the softer the cushion the more comfortable you’ll be, ultra-soft cushions can become over time compressed. Once this happens, they can become much less comfortable to sit on. A medium to firm cushion can be a much better option if you’ll be spending a lot of hours in your chair. 


There are a variety of styles that make great reading chairs. Three of the most popular styles are wingback, club and reclining. A chair in the wingback style often has a formal, elegant appearance. They have high backs, side panels and cushioned armrests. Club chairs are informal and cozy. They have rounded edges and usually sport an oversized seat. Reclining chairs vary widely in appearance but all feature a seatback that tilts backward. They also usually have a counter leg support. For more information on other chair styles, check out the BestReviews buying guide on the best reading chairs

What to look for in a quality reading chair 


If you plan to spend several hours at a time in your reading chair, it is important to have proper support. According to the Mayo Clinic, it is best to sit with your back reclined between 100 and 110 degrees, rather than at 90 degrees. This allows for your spine to retain its natural curve. A fully straight-backed chair with no reclining feature and no place to rest your feet won’t allow you to sit in this position. 


Having arms on your chair will allow your elbows a place to rest while holding your book or e-reader. What type of arms you choose for your chair is mostly a matter of personal preference, but not all chairs have arms at an ideal height. Mayo Clinic suggests that the arms on your chair allow your shoulders and neck to relax downwards. 

Seatback Height 

The seatback height of reading chairs varies, but most are either mid-rise or high-rise. A mid-rise seatback supports the occupant up to the mid-back. Many club chairs fall into this category. High-rise chairs can come up to the neck or high over the occupant’s head. Wingback chairs and recliners often are high-rise.

How much you can expect to spend on a reading chair

On the low end, you can find some office chairs or armchairs made from synthetic materials for $50-$150. For a good, solid chair made from high-quality materials, you can expect to pay $200-$600. The priciest models from high-end furniture manufacturers can cost you $700-$1500. 

Reading chair FAQ

Where in my home library should I put my reading chair?

A. Make sure to place your chair somewhere you’ll have adequate light to read your book. Close to a window is perfect where it will be bright enough that your eyes won’t have to strain. If you don’t have a window, place your chair close to an outlet. This way you can easily plug in a lamp or charge your e-reader. 

What material should I choose for my reading chair?

A. This is entirely a matter of preference and style. A popular choice for reading chairs is leather for its comfort and durability. It is also easy to clean in case you spill your coffee or hot chocolate while you’re reading. You can find leather reading chairs in both modern and traditional styles. Upholstered fabrics are also a good choice. They have a cozy look and are an aesthetic choice. 

What’s the best reading chair?

Top reading chair

Great Deal Furniture Wingback Button-Tufted Fabric Accent Chair

What you need to know: This comfortable chair is perfect for the reader who loves the classics. 

What you’ll love: You will love the classic wingback style and tufted seatback. This chair is very comfortable and will hold up well over time. 

What you should consider: It has been reported by purchasers that the screw holes on this chair are not always symmetrical. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

Top reading chair for the money

Flash Furniture Contemporary Leather Soft Recliner 

What you need to know: This chair is designed for the office or home and takes only 15 minutes to assemble. 

What you’ll love: The chair has overstuffed cushions and an ottoman. You’ll love the adjustable recliner and swivel seat that make it easy to adjust to your preferences. 

What you should consider: The height on the seat cannot be adjusted. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

Worth checking out

bonVIVO Padded Floor Chair

What you need to know: This adjustable floor chair allows you to read comfortably anywhere.

What you’ll love: This chair is lightweight, which makes it easy to take with you to the park or to any room in your house. It is sturdy, and customers have reported it easing back pain. 

What you should consider: Customers have reported an odor when they remove the chair from its packaging.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

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