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Best white beanbag chair

Which white beanbag chair is best?

The beanbag chair was designed in 1968 by a trio of Italian designers and quickly became a popular choice throughout the 1970s. While their popularity has waned over time, their quality and comfort has only continued to rise. 

They’re available in every size, shape and look you can hope for, but in terms of white beanbag chairs, consider the Flash Furniture Oversized White Furry Beanbag Chair. This beanbag chair is built to last and is comfy for both kids and adults.

What to know before you buy a white beanbag chair

Size and shape

Beanbag chairs no longer come in just one size, they’re available in dozens of options. Some are personally sized for either children or adults, while others are big enough to hold multiple adults at once.

When it comes to shapes, there are even more options. The standard beanbag shape is a round bag, but others can be square or even triangular. Some beanbags look like regular chairs with armrests and backrests, while others are shaped like animals.


Beanbag maintenance can be split between upkeep and cleaning.

  • Upkeep: Beanbag chair upkeep refers to how easy it is to repair a hole or refill stuffing that has leaked out. Repairing a hole can refer to both the exterior cover and the interior bag. Depending on the material, you may be able to sew it or use duct tape, but others may not be able to be repaired. Refilling stuffing is similar — some bags are able to be opened and closed at will for refilling purposes, while others can’t be.
  • Cleaning: Most beanbag chairs today use removable covers to enable an easy, machine-washable clean. Others don’t and need to be spot cleaned by hand, should the chair become dirty. Some chairs feature a removable cover that’s still recommended to be spot cleaned.

What to look for in a quality white beanbag chair

Outer material

Beanbag chair outer shells are made from a variety of materials.

  • Vinyl/polyester: Vinyl and polyester are used for the most inexpensive beanbag chairs. They’re the least durable, but they’re waterproof, which makes them good outdoor candidates.
  • Corduroy: Corduroy was popular back in the day and while it’s still used, it isn't used often. They’re strong but are easy to get dirty.
  • Microfiber: Microfiber is the most popular material, as it's durable and easy to clean.
  • Suede/leather: Suede and leather are most commonly used in high-end beanbag chairs. They’re highly durable and comfortable but costly.

Stuffing material

The stuffings of beanbag chairs today are typically one of two forms of plastic or one of two forms of foam.

  • Plastic: Plastic options are either expanded polystyrene or expanded polypropylene beads. EPS beads are the most frequently used stuffing and are easy and inexpensive to find for refilling. EPP was the first stuffing used in beanbag chairs but, despite being a superior stuffing option, is less utilized today.
  • Foam: Foam options are either compressed or memory foam. Both are less likely to leak out and provide quick recovery after compression. However, they’re difficult enough to refill that once these beanbag chairs have gone past their prime, many simply buy a new chair.

How much you can expect to spend on a white beanbag chair

Beanbag chairs are available in a wide variety of price ranges to fit any budget. Inexpensive options for less than $40 are perfect for kids, while options for $40-$80 cover almost any size and need. Anything costlier than $80 is typically large and uses only the best materials.

White beanbag chair FAQ

What are the negatives of using a beanbag chair?

A. Beanbag chairs have a few negatives to consider before purchasing one, but it's important to remember that all chair types have their pros and cons. Even the sturdiest beanbag chairs don’t have the durability of a standard chair. One sharp object can rip them open and cause a huge mess. They also lack lumbar support, which can lead to back problems if used regularly and for too long. Finally, most beanbag chair materials don’t allow for much (if any) airflow, which can lead to excess sweating on your back.

How many people can a beanbag chair support?

A. That depends on the beanbag chair. Some are small enough that only a child should use them, while others can be as long as a sofa and are durably designed to hold multiple adults at once.

What’s the best white beanbag chair to buy?

Top white beanbag chair 

Flash Furniture Oversized White Furry Beanbag Chair

What you need to know: This big beanbag chair is an excellent choice for people of all ages and sizes to relax in comfortably.

What you’ll love: This beanbag chair is available in 15 additional colors other than white. The cotton cover can be removed from the body of the chair to be machine-washed for easy cleaning. The inner bag can be refilled if the filling leaks out.

What you should consider: The inner liner of this beanbag chair is known to have small holes that allow for the filling to escape over time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top white beanbag chair for the money

Big Joe Milano Shag Ivory Beanbag Chair

What you need to know: This budget beanbag chair is a great addition to any living room or child’s bedroom.

What you’ll love: This beanbag chair is available in plain white, shag white and white with color splashes, plus 13 other colors. Adults sit just as comfortably as children in this chair. The body is reinforced to prevent rips or leaks and it’s easily moved around the home as needed.

What you should consider: The weight of sitting on this small beanbag chair causes it to flatten, meaning it needs refluffing if you’re sitting for long periods.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Chill Sack Giant Beanbag Chair

What you need to know: This giant beanbag chair is a good option for those who like the option to lay down as well as sit.

What you’ll love: This beanbag chair is available in standard white or shag white as well as 34 additional color options. The cover can be removed to be machine-washed, though the manufacturer recommends spot cleaning instead. This product is large enough for two to sit comfortably.

What you should consider: Every design option costs a different amount, with both white options being more expensive than most of the other choices.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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