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Best Blendtec blender

Which Blendtec blender is best?

Modern cooks know how to use appliances to bring new depth and innovation to their cooking. Where once there were only a few tools to create delicious dishes, now cooks can choose from a wide variety that make kitchen tasks easier and more enjoyable. For smooth soups, silky purees and flawless sauces, Blendtec has long been the gold standard when it comes to high-performance, long-lasting blenders.

If you’re a home cook who wants to get in on what the professionals already know, the Blendtec Commercial CONNOISSEUR 825 is the best Blendtec blender for you. Its performance when it comes to blending, chopping and pureeing can't be beat.

What to know before you buy a Blendtec blender

Power levels

How much blender do you really need? Blendtec blenders each have at least a 3-horsepower motor, but if you’re looking for heavy-duty power, some Blendtec blenders are rated as high as 3.8 horsepower. 

Blenders’ power levels are also described in terms of wattage. Other countertop blenders start off at around 500 watts, but many range between 1,560 and 1,800 watts. For crushing ice and processing tough vegetables, aim for higher wattage.


At a minimum, your blender should have three speed settings: high, low and pulse. Most Blendtec blenders have at least five speeds to choose from, and some have as many as 100. Certain models also have a sliding bar for you to use to increase or decrease speed as you blend.  

Jar type

Jars for Blendtec blenders come in two sizes. The FourSide jar holds 64 ounces, while the WildSide jar holds 90 ounces. The WildSide jar also has five sides, which means that more of a vortex is created when the blender is turned on. This pulls food down into the center from the sides, resulting in better blending and incorporation of ingredients. Both jars are made of durable, BPA-free plastic. Want a FourSide and a WildSide? Look for Blendtec packages with one of each.

What to look for in a quality Blendtec blender


Sometimes it’s easier to let the blender tell you what speed you need. Blendtec blenders come with presets that might include:

  • Smoothie
  • Salsa
  • Ice cream
  • Whole juice
  • Hot soup
  • Batter
  • Mixed drinks

Presets might also include specific times, like 60 or 90 seconds.

Stealth technology

No, Blendtec blenders can’t become invisible. But many Blendtec blenders incorporate Stealth technology, which allows them to be extraordinarily quiet. This is a huge bonus for early morning smoothies that won’t wake the whole house.

Touch controls

Touch controls on all Blendtec blenders make for easy cleaning. This eliminates the fussy chore of cleaning around buttons and knobs. More expensive Blendtec blenders have LED screens with slider controls that allow you to change speeds with a swipe of your finger.

Color options

In addition to the classic standbys — black, white and silver — some Blendtec blenders are also available in purple, red, turquoise, chartreuse or burgundy.

How much you can expect to spend on a Blendtec blender

Blendtec blenders are among the most expensive on the market. Expect to spend $230-$1,000.

Blendtec blender FAQ

Can you use a Blendtec blender instead of a food processor?

A. For some of the functions of your food processor, yes. Blendtec blenders offer powerful settings for making soups and sauces. They can even work as a coffee mill, a juicer and an ice cream maker. However, you’ll need to hang on to your food processor for slicing, dicing and shredding.

Are Blendtec blenders durable?

A. When you’re spending several hundred dollars for a blender, you want to make sure it lasts. All Blendtec blenders come with at least a two-year warranty. The most expensive models come with a 10-year warranty. 

What’s the best Blendtec blender to buy?

Top Blendtec blender 

Blendtec Commercial CONNOISSEUR 825

What you need to know: This sturdy and reliable blender will turn your home kitchen into a real professional kitchen.

What you’ll love: The power of this blender will allow you to blend anything into the smoothest cream. And it comes with two jars!

What you should consider: This is one of the best Blendtec blenders money can buy, and it’s a lot of money to buy it. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Blendtec blender for the money

Blendtec Classic 575 Blender

What you need to know: This is the more affordable cousin of the Pro 800.

What you’ll love: Featuring a pulse setting and five speed controls, this classic blender is great for making soups and smoothies for the whole family. The jar is BPA-free and has a vented lid that latches securely.

What you should consider: Excessive noise was an issue for some users, as was uneven blending caused by air trapped between the blades. 

Where to buy: Sold by AmazonBed, Bath & Beyond and The Home Depot

Worth checking out

Blendtec Classic 475

What you need to know: The push-button controls bring the price down but don’t compromise performance.

What you’ll love: This blender is powerful and easy to use, with a 3-horsepower motor and a light-up display. The jar is designed to disperse ingredients evenly, even if they are last-minute additions. It’s easy to clean and simple to operate.

What you should consider: Users noted this noisy blender jumps around a bit.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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