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Create magic with the best fairy houses

How to choose the best fairy house


You can put a little whimsy in your life with a tiny enchanted house for fairies, gnomes and sprites to live in right in your own backyard. A fairy house should match the spirit of the mythical and legendary wee creatures — vivid imaginations, playful souls and magical powers. Fairy houses may look like tiny cottages, windmills, treehouses, tree stumps or old boots — all styles that attract fairies.

What is a fairy garden?

Fairy gardens are a bit of miniature magic and mystery in your very own yard. The purpose of a fairy garden is enjoyment, either in the form of relaxation and meditation or as a place to let your imagination run wild with fairies, sprites and other magical creatures. Add to yours with some of the many fairy garden accessories and it becomes an outdoor playhouse.

Are fairy houses only for fairies?

With doors and window that open, fairy houses make fine, roomy places for ladybugs to live as well as providing shelter for tiny frogs and toads.

Where can my children learn more about fairies?

"Natural History of Fairies"

Your kids can look up everything about fairies in folklore field guides such as "A Natural History of Fairies" and learn about fairy anatomy, life cycles, habitats and famous fairies from around the world.

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Fairy houses

Most fairy houses are less than a foot tall, just the right size for fairies. There are many fanciful designs, but most are made to stand up to the rigors of the outdoors, especially those that are made of resins that are waterproof and won’t corrode.

Best fairy houses


Pretmanns Fairy Garden House

This 7-inch-tall tree house has the look of stone with a thatched roof, shutters and a door that opens. It comes with a sitting fairy holding a frog that is a possible prince and a standing fairy with a lantern to guide other fairies to their new home. 

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Teresa’s Collections Boot Fairy House

This old boot looks like the one that belonged to the old lady who lived in a shoe. It is 8.8 inches tall, covered with flowers and succulents, and emits a soft glow at night after charging with its solar panel during the day. 

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Ovewios Fairy House with Solar Lights and Ornaments

This 11.4-inch-tall house looks as if it was made from a tree, with three stories, a stone stairway, a leafy canopy for a roof and flowering vines growing up the trunk. A lovely fairy clad in lavender swings from the biggest branch on the tree. 

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Fairy house kits

Kids interested in handicrafts will enjoy making their own fairy houses from kits. They get the satisfaction and pride of craftsmanship while making a one-of-a-kind fairy house.

Best fairy house kits

Wild Pixy Resin Fairy House and Garden Kit 

This solar-powered house lights up at night. It comes with a working door, bench, chair, bridge with stepping stones, glow stones, toadstools — and a fairy. 

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My Fairy Garden Nature Cottage 

This charming cottage is made from a flower pot and kids use the included soil and seeds to grow a real garden on the rooftop balcony. This cute little house with a water barrel is a great home for your garden’s ladybugs, too. 

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Rolife Wooden Fairy House Model Building Kit

Follow the instructions included with this clever 1/24-scale kit to build the frame and assemble the components. Kids have hours of fun crafting and assembling  fairy houses with the included wood, fabrics, threads, beads and paint. 

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Fairy house accessories

A house is a good start on your fairy garden, but to make it really come to life and to personalize the design, choose from a variety of garden accessories and turn your fairy house into a little fairy village.

Best fairy house accessories


Mood Lab Fairy Garden Fish Pond Kit

Set up this pond right outside your fanciful fairy house. You get a koi pond with five fish, a lily leaf and frog, a swan and a footbridge. Place the sitting sisters and the fairy with bird so they dip their toes in the pond or dangle their legs from the bridge.

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