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8 outdoor water fountains to bring more calm to your backyard

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Why outdoor water fountains enhance your backyard

An outdoor water fountain may be pleasant to look at, but that is not the only reason you should consider purchasing one. It can also benefit your emotional and physical health and provide easy access to life-sustaining water for nature’s most important creatures, such as bees. To help you choose a fountain, here’s some information about different types and their features.

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Benefits of outdoor water fountains

Aesthetically, an outdoor water fountain is a backyard upgrade. But it is also so much more. Here are just a few benefits that are associated with these items.

Outdoor fountains are easy to install

Since fountains are often displays of opulence, you might think they require complex plumbing and an electrical engineering degree to install. With most modern options, however, this is not the case. All you need to do is add water with a garden hose and plug the fountain into an outdoor outlet. Additionally, installation will probably take less time than unboxing. Some outdoor fountains are solar-powered, so you don’t even need an outlet to make them work.

Adds a focal point to your environment

The key to making any space work is to have a focal point. A focal point adds purpose and cohesion to any design or decor. Not only does a backyard fountain look beautiful, but since the water is constantly trickling, it creates interest. It makes the fountain a natural focal point that enhances your backyard’s aesthetics.

Creates a pleasant background sound

Many people find the constant trickling sound of flowing water to be pleasant. It can be used to meditate or to help redirect your focus from less pleasant sounds. These beneficial effects will vary by individual and are dependent on other factors, such as time. But once installed, the tool is there whenever you want to take advantage of it.

Attracts and sustains wildlife

Animals need water to survive. Running water is safer to drink than still water. Animals know this instinctively. Plus, running water is audible, which makes it easier for animals to find. If you add an outdoor fountain to your yard, you will attract a variety of thirsty animals. This will give you ample opportunity to observe and enjoy the wildlife that inhabits your neighborhood.

Outdoor water fountain considerations

Before purchasing an outdoor water fountain, there are two things to ask yourself.

How cold do your winters get?

Most outdoor water fountains are seasonal — you should only use them when the weather is above freezing. If the water freezes in the fountain, it will expand and crack it, making the fountain unusable next season. If you want a year-round model, it needs to have a built-in heater that will keep the water from freezing, no matter how cold the temperatures get.

How will you power the fountain?

Since they use a reservoir and a pump that circulates the same water round and round, the majority of outdoor fountains only need to be plugged in to operate (no plumbing is required). This means you must position the fountain near a power source because it is not safe to use an extension cord permanently. Alternatively, if your yard gets ample direct sunlight throughout the day, you could try a solar-powered water fountain.

Best outdoor water fountains

Alpine Corporation Rain Forest Waterfall Fountain

This easy-to-install option has a natural stacked wood look. The constantly trickling water mimics the sounds of a flowing stream. It is weather-resistant and has an interior pump for durability.

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Alpine Corporation Four-Tier Rock Water Fountain

The three LED lights in this fountain give it a beautiful glow as the water cascades down four tiers of artificial rocks. The four-gallon reservoir means this fountain can run for days without refilling.

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Sunnydaze Curved Plinth Outdoor Water Fountain

The classic design of this outdoor water fountain will add a touch of elegance to any backyard. It has a wide and heavy base to prevent tipping, while the polyresin and fiberglass materials provide durability.

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John Timberland Modern Sphere Curve Outdoor Water Fountain

If you are looking for a more modern piece, this outdoor water fountain will fit your needs. It is ideal for a patio, holds up to six gallons of water and features LED lights for a dynamic appearance.

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Naturefalls Modern Outdoor Fountain

This fountain has beautiful curved lines that can add a pleasing aesthetic to any backyard decor. It has four crocks and an adjustable water speed so you can customize its operation.

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Teamson Home Four-Tiered Bowls Stacked Stone Waterfall Fountain

There’s something magical about this four-tiered LED fountain. The glowing bowls of water nestled on the faux-stone shelves have a natural and intriguing look that inspires wonder and fascination.

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Alpine Corporation Three-Tier Birdhouse Water Fountain

The two-in-one design of this outdoor fountain gives you both a scenic waterfall and a functioning birdhouse. It arrives ready to go, just plug it in and start enjoying the serenity.

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Cherub Outdoor Water Fountain

This popular water fountain features a little angel holding a leaking bucket over a rock pool. The vintage aesthetics make it an elegant focal point for your backyard or patio. It features six LED lights, so you can enjoy the fountain during both the day and night.

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