Amy Evans

Amy Evans

Amy Evans has been a Home & Yard Content Editor at BestReviews for one year. She joined the team to combine her love of writing with a passion for shopping and finding deals in the home space. Outside of her professional life, Amy enjoys reading historical fiction and fantasy, travelling the world, running, horseback riding, scuba diving and spending time with her cat Ru.

With a background in e-commerce, Amy has 4+ years of experience in product reviews and roundups. She specializes in home decor and furnishings, having written over 30+ articles in these categories out of 60+ articles on home and yard products.

Amy has extensive knowledge of design styles and interior decorating, as well as the features and materials of quality home products. She graduated from the University of Ottawa with a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, completed creative writing coursework at the University of Toronto and publishing coursework at Ryerson University. 


  • 6+ years of publishing experience and education
  • 4+ years of product analysis and e-commerce experience
  • Over 30+ articles on home decor and furnishings
  • Over 60+ articles on home and yard products

In the realm of e-commerce, Amy is known for building the content library of a startup specializing in brand reviews from the ground up, as well as product research for hundreds of articles by a leading publisher in home, DIY and gardening. Before pursuing commerce editorial, she conducted literary analysis for multiple publishers and educated indie writers on the craft and business of self-publishing. Her work has been featured by:

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