Jmar Gambol

Jmar Gambol

Jmar Gambol has been a writer at BestReviews since 2021 and is thrilled to help guide consumers to the best products for their needs. Aside from his work at BestReviews, Jmar is a novelist and researcher who has consulted on several works of fiction and nonfiction. In his free time he enjoys smartphone photography and cooking.

Expertise and Education

Jmar has had varied experiences in his life, with a background not just in writing but also in marketing, customer service and technical support. A lifelong computer enthusiast, he trained in providing technical support in college. Upon graduation he worked for his father’s production company and as a marketing writer with clients in real estate, footwear and food service. A stint on the front lines of a major grocery chain gave him a vivid perspective on customers’ needs and expectations.

At BestReviews, Jmar has worked as a writer and products tester, gaining firsthand experience with product categories like robot vacuums, wireless headphones and French presses. He has written over 75 articles for BestReviews, from news items to single product reviews to buying guides. His interests range from personal computing to audio, to kitchenware and dinnerware, to household maintenance and decor.

Jmar graduated from the University of San Francisco with a bachelor’s degree in English, Writing emphasis. 


  • Trained computer support technician
  • 8 years experience in marketing writing
  • 75+ articles on computers, audio equipment, household appliances, kitchenware and decor

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