Kevin Luna

Kevin Luna

Kevin Luna has been a writer/deals editor at BestReviews for 3 years. 

From a young age, Kevin had a knack for writing and found a way to leverage that into a successful career as a blog and article writer. He has a love for all things tech, sports, fitness and gadgets, and enjoys writing engaging, high-quality to help shoppers make smart buying decisions. Outside of his professional life, Kevin enjoys watching sports, hanging out with family and friends, traveling, and tuning into any HBO show that's worth watching.

Expertise and Experience

Kevin has over 3 years of experience in writing about tech, kitchen, appliances, toys, apparel, sports, fitness, health and wellness. Kevin specializes in tech and electronics, having written over 100 articles on these topics. Kevin has extensive knowledge of computers, video game consoles, smartwatches, smartphones, laptops, tablets, smart devices, speakers, sound bars, TVs 

Kevin has spent considerable time crafting high-quality e-commerce marketing content and copy and has worked as part of collaborative teams to cover the largest sales by e-commerce giants such as Amazon and Walmart, which gives him an advantage when researching products.

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