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Best Nut Milk Makers

Updated March 2024
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ChefWave Vegan Milk Maker
Vegan Milk Maker
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Premium Choice
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This high-tech milk maker features 6 settings for different types of milk and is our favorite for easy cleanup.


Sizable nut milk machine with 6 presets that are digital touch-controlled. Mess-free and no prep work like soaking is necessary. Suitable for use with nuts or beans. Includes glass pitcher. Makes batches of 10 or 20 oz. Auto-clean function.


You need to blanch the nuts or beans first, otherwise, the milk is gritty.

Best Bang for the Buck
Chef'n Nut Milk Maker
Nut Milk Maker
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Budget Friendly
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A simple choice for making nut milk that also serves as storage for leftover liquids thanks to its thoughtful design.


Basic glass carafe with mesh filter and silicone storage lid. Carafe and lid are dishwasher-safe. Includes recipe book with instructions for making numerous types of nut milk. Simple and easy to use. The compact design works great for small counters.


Strainer doesn't press the pulp so liquid gets caught and is wasted. Carafe isn't large enough.

MioMat 8-in-1 Plant-based Milk Maker
8-in-1 Plant-based Milk Maker
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A simple-to-use yet diverse machine that can create various nut milks, soups, and smoothies, with little prep-work.


Features 8 programs for heating and grinding to create healthy, tasty recipes. Powerful grinding cylinder smooths nuts, seeds, grains, and legumes. Also makes soups, smoothies, and pulps. Includes manual and recipe book, strainer, and measuring cup.


Clean-up can be frustrating and take longer than desired. One of the pricier options.

MISTIC COOL Vegan Milk Machine
Vegan Milk Machine
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Simple Yet Solid
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This nut milk maker includes handy tools to aid in your process, but cleaning it can be tedious.


Incredibly simple operation. Add nuts, hit start button, and then strain for finished product. Capable of also making cheese, yogurt, soups, smoothies, and other healthy dishes. Includes strainer, measuring cup, and recipe book for ideas.


Users say cleaning the interior of the machine can take some time. Nuts must be pre-soaked.

AlfaBot Automatic Nut Milk Maker
Automatic Nut Milk Maker
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Easy to Use
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This is a versatile machine that can be used to make your favorite types of nut milk in minutes.


The capable motor powers durable stainless steel blades to grind numerous types of nuts. Easy to operate with straightforward controls. Produces nut milk quickly. Can be used to prepare almond, cashew, oat, soy, and other types of nut milk.


May leave pieces of nuts behind after blending. The self-clean function doesn't always work as expected.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best nut milk makers

There are plenty of reasons why people are transitioning away from dairy milk and to plant-based milk substitutes. However, these kinds of milk can be pricey, so if you’re a fan of nut milk like almond or cashew, it might be worth investing in a nut milk maker.

A nut milk maker is a small kitchen device that can produce these beverages in minutes. With most models, you add nuts and water to the appliance, which grinds the nuts, combines them with the water, and filters out the solids to create a creamy drink. Some of these makers require a bit of elbow grease on your part, while others are fully automatic. You only have to turn them on.

If you’re hunting for a nut milk maker, first decide if you want a mechanical or electric model and how much prep work you’re willing to do. Next, decide on filter, capacity, speed, and other features that can make the process a little easier. A good shopping guide and product recommendations can help simplify your search.

a glass of almond milk
Most nut milks aren’t as sweet as dairy milk, so some people like to sweeten it. You can use dates, maple syrup, or agave syrup to add some natural sweetness to your homemade nut milk.

How to buy the best nut milk maker

Why drink homemade nut milk?

There are lots of reasons why people prefer nut milk to dairy milk.

Vegan: Plant-based milks are vegan and better for the environment, so for many people they’re a more ethical choice than dairy milk.

Nutritious: Nut milks still offer many of the same benefits, providing essential nutrients like calcium and vitamins E and D. While you can buy nut milk at the grocery store, homemade milk can be more nutritious because of its freshness and lack of preservatives.

Lactose-free: Nut milk won’t cause digestive issues for those who are lactose intolerant.

Low fat: It also contains less fat, carbohydrates, and calories than dairy milk, making it an ideal option for those trying to manage their weight.

Variety: By making your own nut milk, you have the opportunity to combine different nuts and flavorings to suit your preferences.

Mechanical vs. electric

Mechanical, or manual, nut milk makers require some elbow grease on your part. They’re similar to a coffee press, so you press down on the device to crush the nuts. Mechanical models are typically more affordable, so they’re ideal for those on a budget. However, some of them don’t fully mix the nuts and water, so you might also need to use an immersion blender to finish the process. If you don’t already have one, that can add to the cost.

Electric nut milk makers don’t require any work from you. You simply add the nuts and water and turn on the device. These are more expensive than mechanical models, but they allow you to enjoy your milk more quickly and easily.

Prep work

Before buying a nut milk maker, it’s important to understand how you must prepare the nuts before adding them to the device. For example, some models call for soaking the nuts overnight, so you must plan ahead to make the milk. Other nut milk makers steam the nuts while grinding them, so you don’t need to soak the nuts beforehand. If you want to make nut milk without much preparation, choose a model with steam.

For the best-tasting nut milk, use filtered water in your nut milk maker.


Features to look for in nut milk makers

Filter vs. filterless

The final step in making nut milk is separating the solids from the liquid milk. Most people prefer very smooth milk that doesn’t contain any particles, so many nut milk makers have a built-in filter. It automatically removes the solids from the milk, saving you from having to do it manually.

However, if you opt for a more affordable model, it might have a filterless system. Without an internal filter, you need to filter the milk manually with a nut milk bag, cheesecloth, or food strainer. In addition to being cheaper, these filterless nut milk makers have fewer parts and so are easier to clean and maintain.

Size and capacity

Whether you plan to leave your nut milk maker out on the counter or store it in a cabinet, its size is an important consideration. Mechanical models are more compact and work well in a smaller kitchen. Electric models are typically larger and take up more space on your counter or in your cabinet, making them a better fit for a bigger kitchen.

You want to choose a nut milk maker that can make enough milk for your needs. If you’re only preparing it for yourself, a model that produces 2 to 3 cups at a time is usually sufficient. However, if you’re making nut milk for a household, look for models with a larger capacity. Some nut milk makers can produce up to a gallon at a time, which is ideal for a large family or group.


The amount of time it takes to produce a batch of nut milk can be a key consideration. Some models take just a few minutes to complete the process. Even if the maker has a limited capacity, you can quickly make multiple batches if you need enough milk for an entire household.

Ease of cleaning

Cleaning a nut milk maker can be difficult because of all the bits of crushed nuts that get caught in the components. In general, filterless nut milk makers are much easier to clean. However, many models with a built-in filter have dishwasher-safe parts that make cleaning much easier.

bottles of nut milk
If you don’t like wasting food, you don’t necessarily have to throw out the pulp from your nut milk. Use it to make nut flour or crackers or mix it into your smoothies for added nutrition.

Accessorizing a nut milk maker

Nut milk bag

If you opt for a filterless nut milk maker, a nut milk bag can quickly and easily strain the milk. These washable, reusable bags are usually made of mesh.

Food strainer

You can use a food strainer to filter the nut milk from a machine without a filter. A fine-mesh strainer usually works best because it captures even the smallest nut particles and removes them from the milk.

How much do nut milk makers cost?


The most affordable nut milk makers are mechanical or manual devices that require some effort to use. Most don’t have a filter, so you’ll need to filter the milk manually. These devices generally cost $6 to $50.


These nut milk makers are basic electric models that are quick and easy to use. Some include a built-in filter, while others require you to filter the finished milk manually. These devices typically cost $50 to $150.


The priciest nut milk makers are feature-packed electric models that make a large volume of milk quickly and easily. They usually have a built-in filter, so you can enjoy the milk straight from the machine. Many are highly versatile and suitable for preparing other recipes, such as making vegan soup or oatmeal. These nut milk makers generally cost $150 to $450.

Some nut milk makers can also make other nondairy milks, such as soy milk, coconut milk, and oat milk. You can also find models that make milk from seeds.



  • Use raw, unsalted nuts to make nut milk. Roasted nuts have a dry, brittle texture that can result in milk that isn’t as creamy as most people like. Raw nuts typically have more natural sweetness too.
  • Soak the nuts for at least three hours before adding them to the device. If your nut milk maker doesn’t steam the nuts, soaking helps soften them, making the nuts easier to pulverize. In most cases, it’s best to soak the nuts overnight to make sure they’re as soft as possible.
  • Mix nuts to create unique flavors. You don’t have to stick to just one type of nut in your nut milk maker. For example, try mixing almonds and cashews or macadamia nuts and almonds to get the best flavors from both nuts.
  • Flavor your nut milk. You don’t even have to rely on the flavor from the nuts alone. You can add vanilla extract or spices like cinnamon and nutmeg to help deepen the flavor of your nut milk.
a person making nut milk
Hazelnut milk is a perfect addition to your morning coffee, while pistachio milk works well for making nondairy ice cream.


Q. What nuts can I use to make nut milk?

A. You can use nearly any type of nuts you like as long as they’re raw and unsalted. Almonds and cashews are probably the most popular options, but you can also use walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, macadamia nuts, pistachios, and peanuts.

Q. Can I make nut milk in a blender?

A. You can make nut milk in a blender, but you need a high-performance model that can easily pulverize hard ingredients like nuts. After you combine the nuts and water in the blender, you’ll also need to manually strain the milk to remove the pulp so it’s smooth and creamy.

Q. How long will nut milk stay good in the fridge?

A. Homemade nut milk typically stays fresh for three to five days in the refrigerator. Make sure to store it in an airtight container to maintain its freshness. If you notice that it’s starting to separate, shake it well to mix it before using it.