Bre Richey

Bre Richey

Bre Richey has been a writer at BestReviews since February 2021. As a freelance writer, she gets to spend every day doing what she loves and sharing what she knows with others. Outside of her professional life, Bre enjoys reading, cooking up new recipes, lounging in the sun, and spending time with her family.

Education and Experience

Bre has nearly a decade of professional writing experience, specializing in beauty & personal care, home, and baby & kids. Having written over 150 articles on these topics, she has extensive knowledge of kitchen and household equipment, skincare, and almost everything in the parenting sphere, including toys and education.

She graduated from Bethel University with a BA in Communications and Public Relations.


  • 10 years of professional writing experience
  • 250+ articles published with BestReviews about baby gear, kids’ toys, household appliances, skincare, apparel, books, and more

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