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Best Xerox Printers

Updated July 2022
Bottom line
Best of the Best
Xerox WorkCentre 6515/DN
WorkCentre 6515/DN
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Easiest to Use
Bottom Line

Xerox’s best all-in-one printer incorporates a range of genuinely useful features and has unmatched print quality.


Wi-Fi, mobile, and cloud connectivity. Color touchscreen. Faxes. Scans. Lifelike Pantone color accuracy. Optimized for high-resolution images. Tray holds 550 sheets.


An especially heavy printer.

Best Bang for the Buck
Xerox Phaser 6510
Phaser 6510
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Best for Small Spaces
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Inexpensive, reliable, and versatile, the Phaser 6510 Xerox printer is a top pick for the average home office.


Affordable. Able to print 30 pages per minute. Vivid and detailed color prints. Compact. Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity. Built to last. Paper tray holds 550 sheets.


Setting up Wi-Fi is not as intuitive as it should be.

Brother Monochrome Laser All-in-One
Monochrome Laser All-in-One
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Simple Yet Solid
Bottom Line

Convenient and compact laser printer with wireless, USB, and ethernet cable configuration.


Wireless and hardware configuration available. Excellent for home offices and college dorm rooms. Prints nearly 30 pages in a minute. Conveniently prints via mobile apps. Seamless ink cartridge replacement.


Outdated installation process for those without CD drives. (Online instructions available.)

Xerox VersaLink B600
VersaLink B600
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Best for Large Spaces
Bottom Line

If your office space needs a simple, yet effective monochrome printer, the VersaLink B600 is a reliable and cost-effective workhorse.


Optimized for larger office spaces. Wi-Fi, mobile, and cloud connectivity. Easy setup. Huge range of configuration options. Prints up to 58 pages per minute.


A fairly pricy Xerox printer. Bulky.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best Xerox printers

Today’s printers are essential pieces of personal and professional technology, converting documents from digital to tangible and vice versa. They have a variety of functions, and even if you don’t use yours frequently, it is invaluable at those times when you need it. Even when so much of what we do is online, there are many situations that call for printing, and Xerox has been a leading name in printers for decades.

The brand name Xerox is so connected with printing that the name is often used as a verb. Xerox printers have evolved to accommodate a variety of customers and clients, from simple jobs to high-volume usage. Even if you don’t need a printer every day, it may still be worth having one on hand. And if you do a lot of printing, you need a printer that’s reliable and fast. Xerox has options for all situations.

Our buying guide outlines the important considerations to think about when shopping for a Xerox printer, including some of our favorites, so you can find the right model for you.

Printers take time to turn on and prepare to print the first page, so be patient. Once the printer is warmed up, the next pages will print more quickly.

Key considerations

Office vs. home

First, consider where you plan to use your printer and the number of people who will be using it. Xerox offers a range of large, fast printers for offices of various sizes, from 5 to 30 people.

For those using a printer primarily at home, consider whether you’ll use it daily or infrequently. If you don’t plan to use a printer often, you might be fine with a smaller, slower model. 

Inkjet vs. laser

You also need to decide if an inkjet printer or laser printer would better suit your needs.

Inkjet: These printers are cheaper to buy than laser printers, but they entail the ongoing cost of replacing the ink cartridges. In general, inkjet printers are more compact than laser printers. These printers are a good option for those who like to print photos or graphics, but they’re not as fast as laser printers, and sometimes the documents can smudge. If you don’t make a lot of printouts at home, the inkjet may be the better choice for you.

Laser: These printers use toner, transferring it to the paper with an electrostatic charge. They are more expensive initially, but they print more quickly and without smudging. Laser printers are good for use in the home or office, anywhere you need to produce lots of printouts. Laser printers can be large, however, and they aren’t ideal for printing photos.

Monochrome vs. color

You have the option to purchase a Xerox printer that prints in color and black and white or just in black and white. The latter is often suitable for home use, but if you want to print photos or things like pamphlets or brochures, you need color. Note that color printers cost more initially and to operate over time.


Most Xerox printers have WiFi compatibility, which means you can connect to it wirelessly from your computer, tablet, or phone. This feature offers convenience, especially if you’re not always working in the same place as the printer.


Xerox offers all-in-one or multifunction printers (MFP) that do more than just print. They connect to WiFi and copy, scan, send and receive emails, and sometimes faxes, which is convenient in a busy home or office.


Some Xerox printers are compact and portable and some are massive and stationary. Consider the amount of space you can allocate to a printer. It’s important to consider where that space is located, too, especially if several people will be using it regularly, or if the room has patchy WiFi connectivity. When thinking about size and space, also consider how you’ll load paper and ink or toner into the machine because you’ll need room on the side or top for this.

Xerox eConcierge is a registered service for regular customers. You’re eligible if you regularly purchase Xerox supplies and have a compatible printer.




Speed: For those who have high-volume printing needs, Xerox gives you an estimate of the number of pages a machine can print in a minute and a month. Most printers typically have an output of 30 to 40 pages per minute, but higher-end models can exceed 60 pages per minute. Concerning monthly output, Xerox models estimate anywhere from 3,000 to 15,000 pages. Limits should not be exceeded because it could damage the printer.

Watermarks: Some Xerox printers, particularly those designed for use in large offices, have a watermark function. This allows you to print a subtle indicator of the business, owner, or author of any documents. Watermarks may also be assigned to copies as well.

Double-sided printing: Most Xerox printers offer automatic double-sided printing, which saves paper, time, and money. Unlike with manual double-sided printing, you don’t have to reposition the paper for printing on each side.

Digital Printing Press Portfolio

Xerox also offers a range of high-end printers that focus on graphics and photos. These options are large, expensive, and best suited for businesses in need of fast, high-quality printing services that go beyond simple documents.


Printer paper: The quality of paper you use influences the quality of the printouts. 

Paper shredderProtect yourself from identity theft by properly destroying documents that contain sensitive information like social security numbers.

Did You Know?
Xerox Support Engage is a relatively new app that helps troubleshoot and service common issues you might have with your printer. It’s available from the App Store and Google Play.

Xerox printer prices


For under $200, you can purchase a quality Xerox home printer that also scans, copies, and emails. These models may only print in black and white, though, and are better suited for small-volume jobs.


More advanced Xerox home and office printers, including several multifunction printers, are available for between $200 and $600. These feature WiFi connectivity and color printing.


Large office printers with increased functionality and efficiency designed for high-volume output cost over $600, and even over $1,000.

You can enroll in Xerox services like Automatic Supplies Replenishment (ASR), which alerts your supplier when the toner or ink is low.



  • Estimate your printing costs. Consider how often you print documents and the number of pages the ink or toner can produce. This will help you estimate your yearly printing costs.
  • Check the relative humidity. During months of extreme temperatures, relative humidity of less than 20% or higher than 80% can warp or curl printer paper or affect how the ink or toner is applied to the paper.
  • Note the specifications for ink or toner. Each type of Xerox printer requires a specific toner or ink. Keep that information easily accessible, on your phone or computer, perhaps, so you’re ready when it’s time to reorder.
Registering your product online allows you to receive regular driver and software updates and enables you to have your printer serviced more quickly and easily.


Q. How do I maintain my printer?

A. It’s important to purchase a printer that fits your needs. Letting a printer sit idle for long periods of time can cause issues, such as dust buildup and dried ink. Regularly run a cleaning cycle (many printers do this automatically), and avoid using low-ink cartridges that can damage the printer and ruin the quality of the printed product.

Q. Does the quality of the paper affect the printer?

A. The printer paper you use can influence the quality of the finished product. Lower-grade paper can lead to more frequent smudging and less detail, as well as wear down more quickly over time. How you handle the paper is important, too. Keep your printer paper in a cool, dark place away from heat and moisture. Carefully load the paper into the tray. Any creases or folds can jam the printer and waste ink, time, and energy. Also avoid overfilling the paper tray because that can cause the printer to jam, too.

Q. What is Xerox ConnectKey Technology?

A. This registered service from Xerox is a component of most printers and is designed to make workflow easier, more intuitive, and more efficient. ConnectKey allows multiple users to access scanned documents, print from Cloud storage or a mobile device, and operate within a system that is secure. Printers with ConnectKey have a touchscreen interface akin to that found on a smartphone or tablet. You can add, customize, or delete apps as required, just as you would with any smart device.